Oh, honestly…!

Sometimes I think that I exist in a parallel universe.

No, wait. That’s wrong.

Sometimes I think that a parallel universe exists within me…


I spend a lot of time with food.

Researching it. Thinking about it…

Growing it…harvesting it…

Preparing it, cooking it, eating it!

Like many people, trying to stay / be ‘healthier’ with it.


I suspect it would be healthier for my mind to simply be more relaxed about it….

So in the mornings I carefully prepare my days meals. Organically grown. Cooked ( and photographed!) with love….

( that’s b***ocks for a start. Mostly cooked with impatience and boredom at this end of the season, and a strong desire to sit down and watch the tele instead…)


Anyway –

In little glass pots and jars, I place in my basket ripe, soft tomatoes cooked with onions and the best olive oil. Snowy stewed apples. Piquant, caraway seeded sauerkraut. Diced cucumbers. Organic, unhomogenised milk. Crisp seeded oatcakes. A ripe banana.

I carry it all carefully to the car to be my good sustenance for the day.


Then I go back inside and eat a supermarket toasted white muffin with a fried egg on top.



Ah, me.

( Sometimes, when I have eaten too much  ‘slightly less than healthy’ food in a day I panic.

-All those lovely vegetables!!

—  All that time growing and cooking!

—   So then I eat as much as I can of that too.)


…..Then I have to go and have a  lie down in a darkened room.




Author: Lots of Pots

Hello! My name is Eve

One thought on “Oh, honestly…!”

  1. Love your blog, very entertaining, cheered me up today, after doing my garden, picking lots of fruit and eating white toast and jam for lunch!

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