A foggy day.

My mind feels fuzzy, like the mist which hung over the pond yesterday morning.

It was both beautiful and slightly eerie.

I haven’t got a picture of it – I don’t usually take a camera or a phone with me on my dog walks as I like to feel ‘uncluttered’, ( and unreachable).

I also  sometimes think that mist would be hard to photograph well.  It is really just air in a damper form.

My brain feels like this;


It doesn’t know whether to be a bean or a black-eyed Susan. A bit of a weed or a wildflower.

The result is a tangled heap with nothing much managing to climb up the pole.


And my legs feel like they are wading through this;


or this;


To function at all I write things on little bits of paper  and throw them into the air.

Then I try and do whichever task lands nearest to me.


It is a strange way to be but nobody can see me. And I hope that it is slightly better than giving up and climbing back into bed.

PS As an example of my confusion – I saw a small, grey shape on the kitchen wall. I had the thought; ‘ That is a very unusual moth. I could take a picture of it’. As I stole up close with my camera – it materialised into a piece of old blue tack! ( er… which has been there for several weeks..)(months)

Hmm – perhaps I should have got back under the duvet after all…except … one of the small ‘tasks’ written on paper which landed near me earlier said’make the bed’. So that is done now. If I mess it up again I will be trying to walk backwards through that mud!


PPS. Note to self.

Plant fewer things in the spaces available to you. It may allow some areas of life to grow and spread in a more comfortable way.







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