So now I am writing a post about not writing a post. I expect it has been done before.

Why is it called a post anyway?


Apart from this fascinating photograph, this will mainly be a pictureless post…. for reasons which will become apparent. As my blog practising goes on, it is interesting to see how my mind is trying to turn all sorts of thoughts into an article…..

It rather interferes with daily life. Even a missed photo opportunity is frustrating. While I am weeding, I think about ideas and options  that I might write about in the future….

….. and along those lines I  decided that I would try and introduce , more thoroughly, some of the areas which I enjoy chatting about.

The beginnings of the allotment….

cooking up my vegetables..

the making of a garden..

discovering my microbes..

building a greenhouse…

So the greenhouse blog has been underway for a while. I have spent many a fine hour scanning my computer files for photographs. ( Hours which would perhaps have been better spent working on my garden. Or even watering the greenhouse!)

I drew a complete blank.

Eventually it dawned on my dozy brain that the greenhouse was built a few years ago.

2002 to be precise.

At which point I had a camera with a film which you put in the post  – waiting with anticipation for a fat envelope of glossy pictures to return.

So my next search involved the printed photograph cupboard. ( I did very briefly consider photographing the inside of the cupboard but I was too ashamed. There are some things that have to remain private and cupboard mess is one of them.)

I searched, too, the box under the spare bed. And the old brown envelopes full of pictures. And the random, mis-labelled photograph albums.

Looking at old photographs takes up hours of time…..

I did find some. A sparse few grainy images. I think that by the time I have photographed the photographs and loaded them onto my laptop they may well be beyond identification.

But –  in my mind I still hadn’t found the photo’s that I wanted to use and which I KNEW existed. I could picture them!

So another hunt. One last time. And eventually of course…

I had believed that I had a large, brown envelope specifically for garden-related pictures. And I did. I had found it, and gone through it’s entire contents.

What I didn’t believe was that I would have two. Yes Two. Scruffy, torn, large brown envelopes. Both containing old garden photographs.


Maybe I am a split personality after all?!

So to whet your appetite for (possible) future writings full of old photo’s…

…can anyone guess what this is??






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