Hoe hoe hoe….

I have been hoeing around the ‘estuary’ beds on plot 2. I have my dad’s little old onion hoe ( I think they call it that?) which is so pleasing to use. A smooth wooden handle and good balance. I feel almost neanderthal squatting down and hacking at weeds in the dust.

It would benefit from having the edge sharpened. The weeds are quite large and I believe the secret to good hoeing  ( a word with plenty of vowels! ) is little and often. However watering has been the priority recently, of necessity. There is not much point in having weed free paths if all the vegetables and flowers are dead.


I think that I am fond of the onion hoe because I chose it for dad as a birthday present one year. I am not sure if he ever used it much – his preference was probably more for good fishing gear and perhaps it was one of those gifts we sometimes buy for others because we covet them ourselves?!

There is a nice breeze today and thin cloud cover sliding over. I can’t decide whether to get back on the watering cans or cross all my fingers and toes for a bit of rain. The forecast offers the hope of 1.4 mm(!) which at least would make the world smell nice for a while.

It is interesting to me how taking a picture of something changes what you see. The small hoe looked nice on the shed bench but when I framed it up to photograph mostly what I noticed was the edge of the white wooden stool and an old packet of tissues on the side!

Likewise below – I wanted to show a lovely Thyme in flower ( my original post said Time! Now I keep thinking; what would time in flower look like?  It would be fun to make a flower clock, or seasonal flower calendar…) The toes were included by accident but does that make it a more interesting picture?

Who knows! I haven’t often worked with soil this dry before. It is challenging but the thyme does love it.

Allotment elder tells me that if you dig down 12″ you hit solid chalk and flint. One of the many reasons I am choosing not to dig my plots! Certainly my neighbour has an enormous heap of large flints beside his plot – perhaps we should start supplying an artisan walling business?

Usually I munch on almonds and bananas while I work. Today I am treating myself to a ‘proper’ breakfast. Oatcakes and butter and hard boiled eggs.


This is slightly complicated by the fact that I haven’t got  a table knife. I must have taken the shed one home for a much needed wash after it got marmited by my best helper. So I am buttering my biscuits with my pruning knife!

I only wish that I had checked the greenhouse for a cucumber. I ate the first one last night – delicious. I know from previous years that they all come in a rush once they start. I have tried to grow several different varieties this year – maybe that will spread them out a bit.

I have a ridge cucumber outside on the allotment but watching out for male flowers makes me anxious! The one I ate last night was a plant variety called ‘Passandra’ which I bought at the wonderful Linton plant sale. That was 50p well invested. Very good and I will look out for that one again.

Reluctantly to work now. I sometimes wish I could stay here all day…


20170621_061233[1]Marmite coloured sunflower! That boy knows what he likes….

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